1603, Jun. 4

Sir Thomas Parry had Audience concerning the Duc de Bouillon
The French Ambassador complains of depredations
Commission about the same to Sir Thomas Parry.
Octobris 16. Bufalo the Cardinal and Papal Nuncio in France deliver’d certain Articles to Sir Thomas Parry, promising much to the King; yea, whatever he shoild think fit, to preserve his state from any trouble or attempt of the Catholicks. A Project then, that some of the quietest sort of Priests should be made Governors of those Seminaries at the King’s nomination.
The Pope seem’d to be jealous of the Kings powers and people united.
The 4th advertised that Pere Cotton, coming to the President Thou, fell into discourse of Sir Anthony Standen, and the affairs of England, affirm’d, that there was no hope of the King. He was obstinate; but for the Queen they were assur’d she wish’d better to the Catholicks than the Protestants. That She did ever separate her self from them, she being a Lutheran.
Martii 5. Sir James Hay, Ambassador from England, arrived at Paris.
June.A copy of the Nuncio’s receipt of Reliques.
October. Cardinal Bufalo, Nuncio in France, departed toward Rome.
December Barbarini Clerico de Camera, a Florentine, succeeded.
The Constable of Castil was appointed to plot 5 main points: 1. To gain some Favourite in the Court. 2. To place some mask’d Catholicks about the Prince. 3. To withdraw the privy mainteance and relief of the disunited Priests, till they were regain’d. 4. To make overture for correspondency and intelligence with the principal Heads of the Catholick Faction, and to draw in the Malecontents to the Ligue. Lastly, to spare no promises for confirming all their hopes.


December The Duke of Lennox in France.
The French King complains to him of the English Ambassadour at Venice, for injurious speeches against him.
The Lord Theophilus Howard in France.
Thomas Morgan in great danger, for intermedling with the Count of Auverne.
The Marquiss Vernueil committed.
The Lord Admiral repareth for Spain in March, for a confirmation of the Treaty.
Exceptions against English cloth.
The Duke of Bouillon labour’d to be declar’d Prince of the Empire.
A Son born to the Count of Soissons.
Cardinal of Bufalo, the Pope’s Nuncio, in France.
Parsons laboureth for an excommunication against the King at Rome.
Sir Thomas Parry, in June, continueth in France.
Arrest of English Cloth at Rome, in November.
Spinola in his passage through France conferreth with the King.
Duke of Bouillon excuseth himself of imputations made to the King of England by the French King.


Martii 11. Duke of Lenox came into France Ambassadour; had access to the King Martii 18. Mediated for his Cousin the Marquess Vernueil. After his departure, the King sent him a Bever hat, with diamonds and stones valued at £4000.
May, Petro de Medices, Brother to the Grand Duke of Florence, died in Spain.
The Early of Hume, and the Earl of Arundell permitted to carry Troops to the Arch-Dukes aid.
Amphitheatrum honoris prohibited at Paris.
Questions propos’d to a possessed Woman, about the King and the State, by Father Cotton.
June. Spaniards at Dover.
September. Sir George Carew appointed Ambassadour for France.

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