January 1 On the first hour before noon a son was born to Frederick, Palatine Elector and Elizabeth daughter of James, King of England, who on March 24 was baptized and named Henry Frederick.
February 2 Marriage of Robert Car Lord Roxborough and Dromund, a lady-in-waiting to the Queen.
John, the younger Baron Harington, died without issue, whose father, Baron Harington of Exton, died at Worms in August of last year while returning from the Palatinate.
March 29 Ralph Winwood was made Secretary to the King, and Thomas Lake taken onto the Privy Council.
Walter Ralegh published his universal history.
April 5 Parlament was begun on a day very foul with wind and rain.
Tobie [Matthew] Archbishop of York preached the sermon. The Duke of Lennox filled the Marshal’s place, and the Earl of Somerset that of the Master of Horse in the absence of the Earl of Worcester.
7 Ralph Crew, Speaker of the Lower House, delivered an oration in the royal presence.
17 The assembly of Parliament partook of the Eucharist at St. Mary’s, Westminster, for the purpose of detecting those with inclinations to the Roman religion, but nobody refused Communion.
May 4 I purchased the books of Lord Lancaster (who died on 19 November 1613) for £90.
17 Parliament is abruptly dissoved, and its nullity proclaimed.
Chute, Neville, son of Baron Abergavenny, Wentworth, and John Hoskins, who conducted themselves in a disorderly manner during the session, were committed to in the Tower of London.
13 Sir Charles Cornwallis and Leonard Sharpe, Doctor of Thology, were committed to the Tower of London.
15 Isaac Casaubon, a learned man, died at London, and buried at Westminster next to Chaucer.
July 6 Thomas Baron Grey of Wilton died in the Tower of London, without issue, and in him the title of the Barons of Grey of Wilton expired.
10. Thomas Howard Earl of Suffolk and royal Chamberlain was made Treasurer of England.
At the same time Robert Car Earl of Somerset (his son-in-law) was made royal Chamberlain.
13 The new Treasurer came to Westminster Hall with splendid pomp, in this order: 1. Officials of the Customs; 2. students of Grey’s Inn; 3. servants of noblemen; 4. two Sergeants at Arms on foot, the Chancellor and the Treasurer himself, wearing a cloak, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Privy Councellors, Knights, and gentlemen on horseback. When Robert Cecil Earl of Salibury had been created Treasurer (May 6, 1608) he came in another order, namely the Marshals of Westminster with halbardiers, servants of the Treasurer, he himself, begowned, between the Chancellor and the Keepr of the Privy Seal, Earls, Barons, Knights, servants of the Exchequer on horseback. Afterwards a confused throng of servants and carriages.
21 Contrary to every expectation, Christian king of Denmark arrived at London.
23 The King returned to London to see him.
26 Baron Greey of Groby died at Broadgate in the County of Leicester.
31 Walter Cope, Master of the Wards, died, whose elder brother had died a little earlier.
Honora, sole daughter of Edward Baron Denny, the wife of the Scots Lord James Hay, Keeper of the Queen’s Wardrobe, died, leaving behind a young son and daughter.
September 7 Rumors of a Spanish fleet in the British Sea.
11. Edward Philips, Master of the Rolls, died at London.
13 Julius Caesar Aldemar substituted in his place. Edward Earl of Lincoln died.
October 11 William Baron Knollys was made Master of Wards, and Sir Fulke Greville was made Chancellor of the Exchequer in place of Julius Caesar.
Military review throughout England.
Lucy Marquise of Winchester died, and was buried at Westminster without funeral pomp. She was the eldest daughter of Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter.
Sergeants of the Law appointed.
Didacus de Sarmiento Ambassador for the King of Spain.
November. The Earl of Arundel returned to Italy with his wife.
The wife of Thomas Edmonds, Ordinary Ambassador in France, died at Paris. She was daughter and sole heir of Sir John Wood, Clerk of the Signet.
Thomas Earl of Ormond died after bestowing his daughter on the Scottish Preston Lord Dingwell.
December. Three daughters of Baron Sheffeld were drowned while crossing the Humber estuary.

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