March 18 Bartholomew Legat, convicted of heretical depravity, is burnt.
April 12 Thomas Overbury is imprisoned.
22 Viscount Rochester becomes a Privy Councellor.
May 6 William Wade is removed from office as Governor of the Tower, and Gervase Elwes replaces him.
24 Robert Earl of Salisbury died.
June 15 Robert Chreighton, Baron Zaucher, having been convicted of murder, is executed.
26 Roger Earl of Rutland died childless, and his brother Francis succeded him.
The body of Mary Queen of Scots is brought from Peterborough to Westminster.
Robert Shirley arrives in England as Ambassador from the Sultan of Persia.
29 Lottery for the Virginia plantation.
September 15 Thomas Overbury dies from a poisoned clyster.
October 15 Count Fredrick V, the Palatine Elector, lands in England.
November 6 Prince Henry died.
December 29 The Palatine Elector and Maurice of Nassau are elected into the Order of the Garter.

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