January 6 Lord James Hay married Honora, daughter and sole heir of Lord Edward Denny.
20 Great floods in the Severn estuary.
March 31 The King addresses both Houses of Parliament about the union of the kingdoms.
April 2 Great floods in Kent, Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk.
Mary 9 Prince Joinville, brother of the Duc de Guise, arrives in England.
15 Rustics are rioting in the County of Northampton about the enclosure of pasture land, and pulling down fences.
June 1 Thomas Ravis, Bishop of Gloucester, was translated to the See of London.
12 John Watts, Lord Mayor of London, entertains the King with a banquet.
July 3 The King pays the citizens of London £60,000 which Elizabeth owed.
4 Delegates from the Houses of Parliament.
Thomas Knyvett is called to Parliament under the name of Baron Knyvett of Escrick.
5 Julius Caesar Aldemar, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was taken onto the Privy Council.
16 The Merchant Tailors’ Company entertained the King with a banquet in their hall.
17 The King took up from the baptismal font James, firstborn son of Thomas Earl of Arundel by Aletheia, third daughter of Gilbert Earl of Salisbury.
September *** The Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnell and other guilty parties fled from Ireland.
16 The King’s daughter Mary died.
October 12 Proclamation against new buildings in the city and near to the city.
A new banqueting hall is built at Whitehall.
December 12 John Fortescue, lately Chancellor of the Exchequer, died.

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