January 5 The Earl of Essex wed Frances, daughter of the Earl of Suffolk.
17 Those guilty of the Gunpowder Plot are condemned, and executed on the 30th.
19 Baron Knollys wed Elizabeth, firstborn daughter of the same Earl.
George Carew is sent Ambassador Ordinary to France.
March 22 An idle rumor of the murder of the King.
30 Great shipwrecks and floods.
April 24 Juan de Mendoza Marquess St. Jermayne arrives as Ambassador to the King from the King of Spain.
May 3 Henry Garnet, Provincial of the Jesuits, is executed.
20 Robert Earl of Salisbury and Viscount Bindon are installed at Windsor.
June 2 Henry Baron Mordaunt and Edward Baron Sturton are fined in the Star Chamber.
10 Proclamation for eradicating the Jesuits and seminarians from the kingdom.
22 The King’s daughter Sophie was born, and died the next day.
27 Henry Earl of Northumberland is fined £30,000 and imprisoned for life.
Niccolo Molino the Venetian Ambassador returned home, and in his place arrives Georgio Giustiniano.
Edward Coke was made Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.
Queen Elizabeth’s monument is set up at Westminister.
July 17 Christian King of Denmark unexpectly arrives in England.
31 With the King of Denmark, the King passes through the city with magnificant pomp.
August 14 The King of Denmark departs.
September 23 François Prince de Vaundemont arrives in England, son of Charles Duc de Lorraine.
Moorfield is transformed into a pleasant park, and churches are decorated throughout the city.

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