January 4 Philip Herbert, brother of the Earl of Pembroke, marries Susanna, daughter of Edward, Earl of Oxford.
February 6 Charles, the King’s second-born son, is created Duke of York.
Proclamation that Jesuits and seminarians must straightway depart the kingdom.
March 4 A synod of the Church of England is held, and the liturgy confirmed by proclamation.
28 The Admiral of England was sent to Spain to confirm the peace, and with him Charles Cornwallis to be Ambassador Ordinary.
29 Philip, Prince of Spain, is born.
April *** The chronicler John Stow died.
19 Edward Earl of Hertford is sent to the Archduke [of Austria] for confirming the peace.
24 Ulrich Duke of Holstein and the Earl of Northampton are taken into the Order of the Garter.
May 4 Robert Cecil is created the Earl of Salisbury, Thomas Cecil Baron Burghley the Earl of Exeter, Philip Herbert the Earl of Montgomery, and Baron Sidney the Viscount de l’Isle.
Likewise John Stanhope, George Carew, Thomas Arundel, and William Cavendish are created Barons at Greenwich.
June 15 The Scotsman Thomas Douglas is hanged, having forged the King’s signature and seal.
July *** Spaniards land at Dover, and are forbidden to depart Holland.
5 Georg Ludwig, Landgrave of Lettenberg, arrives as Ambassador from the Emperor Rudolf.
8 Proclamation against pirates.
August 1 Edmund Anderson, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, died, and is succeeded by Francis Gawdy.
11 Proclamation against interfering with Ambassadors’ pious exercises.
17 The King and Queen visit the University of Oxford.
31. Henricus Ramelius is installed at Windsor, standing proxy for Christian IV King of Denmark.
November 5 The Gunpowder Plot is revealed.
9 Parliament begins.

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