February 29 When the King began to pay attention to the received liturgy, and decided that some things in it must be altered, Archbishop John Whitgift died of chagrin.
March 13 By the same letters patent Howard is created Baron of Marnhill and Earl of Northampton, and Baron Buckhurst the Earl of Dorset.
15 With great pomp the King and Queen pass through the city from the Tower to Westminster.
19 Parliament is held until July 7.
Edward Denny is called to this by a summons and admitted on July 7.
Thomas Smith, a merchant of London, is sent Ambassador to Boris Feodorich Czar of Russia.
The Duke of Lennox is sent Ambassador to France, in front of whom the King complains of Henry Wotton in the presence of the Venetian Ambassador.
August 5 Peace beteween the King of Spain and the King of England is struck and published.
20 Robert Cecil baron of Essenden is created Viscount Cranborne, the foremost of all the Viscounts, with a coronet.
October *** Ostend is captured.
*** The imposts upon exported and imported merchandise are increased.
24 The King is proclaimed King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, and the name of England is abolished.
December 10 Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London, was translated to the Archbishopric of Canterbury.
24 Richard Vaughan, Bishop of Chester, was translated to the See of London.
The French are complaining of depredations made by Englishmen.

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