January 6 Prince Henry’s first military service.
31 Viscount Fenton taken onto the Privy Council.
March 26 Proclamation against Dr. Cowell’s book, entitled The Interpreter.
May 3 Henri IV, King of France, is assassinated.
The privileges of the East India Company are enlarged.
Jesuits and seminarians are eradicated, and the Oath of Allegiance is put to all men.
The great ship named the Henry is built.
The treaty between England and France is renewed.
October 20 Three Scots Bishops, John Spotswood of Glasgow, Gawin Hamilton of Galway, and Andreas Lambe of Brechin, are consecrated at Lambeth according to the rite of the Church of England.
Christian, Prince of Anhalt, arrives in England.
December 31 Parliament is dissolved.

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